10G Fibre Ethernet Data Centre Media Converter


KSM 10G Fibre Ethernet Data Centre Media Converter provide a single mode or multimode fibre or data links to be established at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a 10G Data Centre Switch. It also allows when all fibre or data ports are fully populated to utilise either a 10G fibre port as an alternative 10G RJ45 data port or vice versa. This provides both a temporary of permanent solution and can also be utilsed as a wavelength conversion unit if there are compatibility issues with the tranceiver modules within the existing switch.


  • Available in both Single Mode and Multimode and Full Duplex Bidirection
  • Accepts fully compatible OEM Tranceivers
  • Transmits up to 300Mtrs across Multimode
  • Transmits up to 80KM over Single Mode
  • Bidirection Full Duplex over single Mode up to 60KM

To purchase this product simply follow the following steps or "Contact Us" to configure the product for you.

Select the Media Converter Body and "Add to Cart"

Select the Tranceiver Module compatible with your switch or network connections

SFP, XFP, CWDM, DWDM and "Add to Cart"

Select the 10G Fibre Cable Single Mode or Multimode and "Add to Cart"

Select the 10G Cat6A Data Cable and "Add to Cart"

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